Gavin Mills Photography


Will Cheung FRPS, Editor Advanced Photographer Magazine:
"Street photography is an exciting and challenging subject. For many photographers it’s all about recording the scene in front of them and that’s perfectly fine, but Gavin takes street work a step further: he gets involved with his subjects and that involvement results in images that have a greater intimacy and hence stronger impact. I’m really impressed with his photography and was delighted to have published a portfolio of his work in Advanced Photographer magazine."

Scott Morrison, Diesel UK says:
"Gavin's photography captures the essence of the street. Not only does he photograph fleeting moments of emotion but the pictures are beautifully backed up with his narrative. Gavin is passionate about the people he shoots, takes time to understand them and then captures a telling moment where the story stops and the emotion begins. I love looking at Gavin's photography and commend his work.

Marc Hartog - British Journal of Photography says :
"Gavin is able with his street portraits to capture the true essence of his subjects, often finding sensitivity in even the grittiest scene. You can tell its a Leica, and you can tell its Gavin behind it."

Its Only 365 Days says:
"Gavin has an eye for capturing people in a way that shows them off in the most human of lights. His work is unpretentious, pure, and uncomplicated. To look at a subject in his work, is to know them, to understand the etchings of their face, where they've been, where they are, and where they're going. Rarely do I see portraits done in such a way that makes me stop and linger and think about the subject. His images are timeless and help show off the range of life that surrounds us whether we choose to see it or not. In short, beautiful work done by someone who clearly has a passion for what they do."

Marion Schneiderhead Photographer says :
"It is an honour to write a testimonial for Gavin. His portraits touch something deep inside me because I see the vital essence of his subjects come through in his images. I want to know the story of each person. Gavin's images show the feelings that flow between subject and photographer. He feels an empathy for his subjects and understands them and exposes their soul. It is always a pleasure to view Gavin's work and to feel overcome with emotions for his inspiring subjects."

Yuji Kitajima - Writer, Photographer says :
"I had the pleasure of meeting Gavin in person and taking photos with him. I was so fascinated by all the cool places he showed me, his hospitality, and the way he approached people on the street for capturing them with his camera. They all seemed to be very comfortable to be photographed by him and he was supposed to be a total stranger. Gavin has a natural talent to let people open up, find something special that shines inside them. That's a precious gift most photographers, including me, can only dream of. To my eyes, it is clear that he is always in sync with his subjects. I wonder if he knows exactly how he does it as much as he does? It's also an indispensable quality for a photographer, in my opinion"